Yes on Proposition 25

End Budget Gridlock


Budget gridlock and political brinksmanship hurt thousands of schools and threaten vital services nearly every year. It also costs taxpayers millions of dollars.

The proposed Prop 25 reforms aim to address these problems and fix our broken system by holding legislators accountable.

The Legislature has failed to meet the constitutional deadline for over two decades even though the California consistution reads: "The Legislature shall pass the budget bill by midnight on June 15 of each year."

This is no logner acceptable and we need to hold legislators accountable when they fail to pass the budget on time.

Proposition 25 promises to:

1. Reform the system
2. Hold legislators accountable
3. Require 2/3 majority to raise taxes.

You can be sure the reforms will get the attention of legislators because, if a budget is not passed on time, they don't get paid.

Together, we can pass forms that can make a lasting impact and end budget gridlock once and for all.

Yes on 25